Jiangyou Doutuan, China Paragliding

September lead me to Sichuan province to perform an airshow at Deyang leading the Global Stars team. Between events I had one day off which gave me a chance to go to the mountains for a quick PG.

I took my Nova Phantom with me to the Launch point at N31′ 5457 E104′ 4845 which is at approx 1000 meters. Access is via a rather old cable car reminesent of 1970’s France. This passes through a jungle area to the top. Unccessary music blaring out on route. This cable car brings people to the pathed walk around the mountain.

Arriving at the purpose made launch site I’m greeted by an instructor who ushers me to the office to sign “fly at my risk” forms. I have to supply my BHPA licence and insurance. All straight forwards. I discover its mandatory in China to wear a helmet and it appears carry a radio tuneable to 436.075 & 436.175 mgs.

The site is wide and green with a large spectator viewing area. Every take off raises a cheer from assembled tourists. Several tandem pilots plying their trade. Prices are on parr with Chamonix at approx £120 a trip.

Launch to landing at N31′ 5353 E104′ 4843 is 100% over forested and scrub ground lower down. Take off and turn right should put you in the lift zone but on this day its almost totally flat.

Just like any site in Europe I find no problem getting a lift back to base and up the lift again. I’ve initiated updating FLYSKYHY app with the location.