Kačerginė race track, Kaunas, Lithuania.

My long time friend and business partner Vytas called me in August and asked if I would come and do a show at the Nemuno Žiedas race track, Kaunas. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes because of my fond memories since 1992.

This circuit opened in the soviet times in 1960. Today a very popular privately owned circuit hosting many corporate race days and drive experiences. https://www.facebook.com/nemunoziedas

Looking to diversify the owner stages many events and is promoting to families, the youth and petrol heads. The event I am to fly at is a concert. Local bands, International fireworks display teams, Drone display, Laser display and now air display. “LIGHT ON”

Gates opening at 7pm. I am to fly at 7:30 on my first show. This being a “little and large” and a solo. Donatas Pauzuolis being a world champion model aircraft pilot is my partner .

Arriving in Lithuania after a 7 hours flight the first task is to off load baggage and discuss with Donatas Pauzuolis the flight sequence. We then practice. Friday is also devoted to practice flights and a visit to the track.

Saturday its planned that I fly in the class “A” airspace at 10,000ft over Kaunas and draw a smily. The day dawns CAVOK, wall to wall blue. The flight is at 13:00, photogs in place, take off on time and a shower blows through….. all I can do is a few hearts at 3000ft

Nothing more to say other than the time came, the clock was running and the display went exactly on schedule. All the pyros fired from the a/c and ground.

The concert was a huge success with approx 10,000 attendees.

I’m looking forwards to returning next year. New ideas are being planned !!

Chatsworth – Portrush – Portstewart – Shuttleworth all in a weekend

The Global Stars had a busy few days with approx 6 hours flying and 7 shows. Ending the weekend with a highly commended show at Shuttleworth.

The weekend kicked of with Chatsworth on Friday, followed by Saturday 14:10 at Chatsworth again. At this point the team split for a rapid refuelling. Two to Barton and two to Netherthorp to be airborne again at 15:00 heading to Portrush to arrive on slot at 16:35 afterwards landing Causway.

Portstewart had a UK first with a 4 ship formation team carrying pyros. Only 3 of the aircraft equipped because we have 5 pyro a/c shipping to China just now for national day displays. This will be the worlds first 5 ship pyro team demonstration.

After displaying Portstewart we recover to Eglington for the night.

Sunday its refuel Eglington, into Causway for smoke oil, opening the show at Portrush at 12:40, back to Causway, refuel and smoke then off to Chatsworth display and carry on to Gransden for smoke oil 2 hours later. Airborne again 1 hour later to close the show at Shuttleworth.

Pictures gleaned from the web. Many thanks to the artists for posting.

Wilbur Wright cheque book flown at Shuttleworth

Wilbur Wright‘s cheque book is insured for 300,000 USD, presented to me prior to displaying the Extra 330SC at Shuttleworth on the 20th July. To fly with the cheque book belonging to the “inventor” of aviation from 110 years ago is quite a moment.

Did Wilbur and Orville imagine what would be possible given engine power and structural materials of this age what would be possible?.

Sanxingdui Shang Dynasty 1600-1200BC


Not a flying post this time ! One of the perks of doing shows World wide is you get the oppertunity to meet new people, learn the culture and history of the country and its past.

On a recent try my hosts took me to the Sanxingdui  archaeological site in GuanghanSichuan. This is a bronze age site covering approxamatly 4 square km. The inginuity and the abilities of these early peoples is amazing. Cutting rock and polishing with hand tools only.

Just a few images from the museaum, well worth a visit if your in Guanghan. More details here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanxingdui_Museum

Brevent West Launch

Brevent is the main launch point to fly the Chamonix valley, served by cable car to within 70 meters. 2 directions of launch are available. The “house thermal” trigger point is right in front of launch. Initially valley winds will get you going. On several occasions I’ve had over 1000fpm climb here, this can be quite rough with parts of the canopy collapsing, hence I fly the Nova Phantom, performance on a B class wing. It was here I got to over 10,000ft.

Wrapping the Extra

The latest team aircraft to be wrapped. G-BZII a 300L is to become a “traveling bird” with the team. Being no stranger whilst in the ownership of Colin Boyd this a/c has already been to China and Bahrain.

Being wrapped and packed for shipping to Sichuan Province for a show in September and then onwards to Shanghai for another show using a car park as a landing zone some 6 km away from the display venue. This posting should be fun, both new venues to bring our formation, unlimited solo aerobatics and pyro shows. For the wrap Core Motor Sports make it happen, thanks Martyn, Liv and Jack.

355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden

This souvenir program for the show has just come into my hands.

This must be one of the first displays I flew back in 1984 after gaining my PPL in 1980.

This program centre pages has a Theresa Stokes drawing with original signatures of the fighter Aces.

Theresa I discover is an accomplished artist, pilot and wing-walker with Gene Soucy Airshows.