Kačerginė race track, Kaunas, Lithuania.

My long time friend and business partner Vytas called me in August and asked if I would come and do a show at the Nemuno Žiedas race track, Kaunas. I didn’t hesitate in saying yes because of my fond memories since 1992.

This circuit opened in the soviet times in 1960. Today a very popular privately owned circuit hosting many corporate race days and drive experiences. https://www.facebook.com/nemunoziedas

Looking to diversify the owner stages many events and is promoting to families, the youth and petrol heads. The event I am to fly at is a concert. Local bands, International fireworks display teams, Drone display, Laser display and now air display. “LIGHT ON”

Gates opening at 7pm. I am to fly at 7:30 on my first show. This being a “little and large” and a solo. Donatas Pauzuolis being a world champion model aircraft pilot is my partner .

Arriving in Lithuania after a 7 hours flight the first task is to off load baggage and discuss with Donatas Pauzuolis the flight sequence. We then practice. Friday is also devoted to practice flights and a visit to the track.

Saturday its planned that I fly in the class “A” airspace at 10,000ft over Kaunas and draw a smily. The day dawns CAVOK, wall to wall blue. The flight is at 13:00, photogs in place, take off on time and a shower blows through….. all I can do is a few hearts at 3000ft

Nothing more to say other than the time came, the clock was running and the display went exactly on schedule. All the pyros fired from the a/c and ground.

The concert was a huge success with approx 10,000 attendees.

I’m looking forwards to returning next year. New ideas are being planned !!